Living At Maldives: Amilla Fushi

Ocean Reef House

Definitely not what I was expecting when I ordered the "room with view" option for the stay of the trip. We would jump into the ocean and come back to our own infinite swimming pool. 

Afternoon lighting on the terrasse

Afternoon lighting on the terrasse

this was the perfect opportunity for that paradise photoshoot.


to have extra fun by the pool, bring your own inflatable animal! In my case I brought a golden swan, which was perfect for the picture opportunity and instagram feed, but also as a moving tanning bed.

wellness treehouse

to try out different options, we decided to switch it up and move into a treehouse for our last two days.

If you ever imagined what it would be like to live in the forest like tarzan and his parents, this would be it.

to add to the workout, we would have to climb these stairs each time coming and going to our room, so we were quite literally living within the trees.

This turned out to be a great picture spot though:


the pool was also a unique experience, where you're able to hear the birds while going for a quick swim in the hot Maldivian weather.