Saying goodbye to twenty-seventeen


Fifth Avenue Cultural Site, Tianjin, China


9 Questions to ask myself & Reflect on the year of 2017

inspired from "The Chriselle Factor"

1. What were my best achievements this year?

I was admitted and enrolled in a full-time Master’s program at Peking University, and moved to Beijing for the foreseeable future. This meant an uncertainty for my future, but also a new start for the next chapter of my life.

2. How did those achievements make me feel?

Getting admitted into the program of my dreams was the cherry on top of a fantastic year, and I felt extremely proud to be able to pursue my academic career further. Despite the uncertainty, I felt that this was the choice I had to make to be going towards my ultimate goal.

 3. What were my 3 biggest challenges or obstacles I faced this year? How did I overcome them? Who did I become as a result?

  1. The first challenge that I learnt to overcome was speaking and hosting in Chinese. I had the opportunity to host for Phoenix TV as a warm-up for the Miss Chinese pageant. I had to work with animals, with children, other famous hosts, and it was a huge challenge. I found that the biggest part of public speaking actually having confidence, and believing in yourself. And as long as I convinced myself that I could do it, the rest was not that difficult at all.

  2. The second challenge, was being firm on my beliefs. I used to be easily swayed by other people’s opinions, but this year I learned to stand up for my beliefs and through this I think I became braver. Instead of falling into the spiral of silence, and going with what the mass public thought, I stood up for what I believed in.

  3. Thirdly, willing to fall in love. I think this is an important and challenging obstacle to overcome. People have been saying, falling in love is a dangerous thing, so remain logical and don’t let yourself easily moved by emotions. But I learned that there’s nothing wrong with making a mistake, and instead of avoiding each challenge, I wanted to face it with courage.

4. How have I developed or changed as a person?

I think I matured a great deal this past year. These achievements and challenges have shaped me as a person, improved my personality, and gave my life more meaning. When people say I’ve changed, I don’t see it as a bad thing, but seeing in a positive light and as a compliment.

5. What have I done differently this year? What new people have I met or new experiences have I had?

I have met a lot of new people this past year, from work, school, and everyday life in general. I let myself experience what life has to offer, traveling to new places I have never visited, booked last minute trips, and if I wanted to learn a new instrument or a new sport, I put all my energies in learning them. Instead of stopping myself and giving excuses, I put my actions where my mind was.

6. How much fun have I had this year? Was I fulfilled?

Each year is different, and this year in particular I had incredible fun. I love to travel and record each destination with a couple hundred photographs each time. Through this, some people may call it use and gratification, but in my mind, I call it fulfillment.

7. Who has helped me, been influential or impacted my life this year?

There’s a large number of people that I am thankful for, in particular my family and my closest friends. Through ups and downs they have truly lent a helping hand, when I needed help in dealing with troubles at work, a shoulder to cry on during a heartbreak, or just a company to the nearest brunch restaurant to get our fill of Eggs Benedict. I must say, some of the most influential people this year were not be the ones I expected, they happened to be the bloggers I’ve been following on Instagram, and through their achievements and life goals, have influenced my goals as well. Lastly, in terms of impact, I have to say the most impactful figures have and always will be my parents.

8. What am I really proud of?

I am proud of my achievements of this year, growing as a young adult, and being able to settle down in a new environment.

9. Is everything I have done this year in alignment with my big dream or goal?

Concluding my reflection, a short and sweet answer --- Absolutely.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year

& to have bigger and better achievements in 2018